C'è un'ape che si posa su un bottone di rosa: lo succhia e se ne va. Tutto sommato, la felicità è una piccola cosa. (Trilussa)

Biological cultivation

DSC_0041We have undertaken the road of the biological cultivation: we are controlled by an official certifier (in this case “Suolo e Salute”) that, after three years of so-called “conversion”, in which we have rigorously applied the biological method,  has certified our farm as “bio”.



What does it mean “biological cultivation”?
  • Our farm is separated in many areas, to have a perfect management of all of our products;
  •  We make rotations of the crops and the sovescis, to avoid earth’s impoverishment and to have products with optimal nourishing values;
  • We use bovine, equine or ovine manure;
  • For the defense against  infesting plants we intervene only mechanically or, if necessary,  manually;
  • Our bees gather nectar from our fruit trees and from the flowers of our lawns;
  • We treat our trees with propoli, produced by our bees;
  • Water for the irrigation is drawn by our well and harvests in a cistern that always maintains a constant temperature, ideal to avoid stress to the plants.


meleEvery crop is followed in each phase: from seeding to harvesting, from transformation to manufacturing, ready to be sold directly to our clients or to the guests of our agriturismo.