C'è un'ape che si posa su un bottone di rosa: lo succhia e se ne va. Tutto sommato, la felicità è una piccola cosa. (Trilussa)

Organic products

We harvest and gather our biologic products. We sell them directly in our farm and to the agritourism guests.


Have you ever seen how honeys can be various? Bees are accurate reporters of the seasons.

Vegetable garden

An organic vegetable garden is always generous and varied. Every season has its colours and flavours and  vegetables grow up without any treatment: they take their shape and taste just from water and sun.


Our trees produce cherries, apricots, peaches, white and black plums, figs, apples, pears, and almonds. We have planted various types of ancient fruits, to rediscover forgotten and intense tastes.

Olive oil

Sabina’s olive oil is one of the most celebrated and flavoursome Italian olive oils.

Chickens and eggs

Our chickens live in a big area (1600 mq), scratching around for grains, worms and herbs. They produce excellent, orange-yolked eggs.