C'è un'ape che si posa su un bottone di rosa: lo succhia e se ne va. Tutto sommato, la felicità è una piccola cosa. (Trilussa)

Bees and honey

Spend an hour or more with Italian beekeeper Beatrice Monacelli, learning about the secrets of the hive and its honey crop.

  • The session starts with a short, illustrated introduction to the fascinating lifecycle of the honey bee, from nursemaid to seasoned forager.
  • Then it’s time to meet the bees: well protected in an observation house, we observe the hives and the bees as they forage; watch them ‘dance’ to each other; see how brood comb differs from honeycomb; try to find the queen bee and her loyal escorts; learn to spot difference between a male drone and a female worker bee.

Understand how honey is produced – and finally, learn to taste it in its many different flavours.

  • Beatrice is an accredited ‘sensory analyst’ honey expert: let her guide your palate through a range of unusual flavours – from eucalyptus to acacia, chestnut to lime, orange blossom to honeycomb straight from the hive.
  • The workshop takes place in the delightful open-air classroom of the agriturismo La Casa Nettarina, a five minute walk down the hill from Casa Poggio.
  • Suitable for all ages. Beatrice speaks good English.